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We are a full service licensed & insured CPA firm concentrated on serving the Condominium, Homeowner Association, Not-for-Profit, and Small to Medium Businesses organizations. Our highly experienced and qualified team of licensed CPAs and accounting professionals can provide your organization competitively priced and high quality Audits, Reviews, Compilations and Full Charge Accounting. We serve the entire state of Florida and California. We encourage you to learn more about our partners and services. Please contact us to discuss how our firm may be of service to you.

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Boards can lower the 2017 Budget with Pooled Reserves. The traditional approach to funding reserves under the “straight line method” requires that the association maintain separate accounts for each of the major association components, such as roof, painting, paving, and any deferred maintenance or capital expenditure greater than ten thousand dollars, unless unit owners vote to waive or reduce … Read More
Do you know the qualifications of your monthly accounting provider? Many organizations are currently running their accounting functions by unlicensed individuals. Often, the cost of hiring a CPA is less than what is being paid for the current resource. Even within the CPA space, organization comes across many different providers, and there are many CPAs to choose from. Our firm serves the needs of … Read More
Master and Company, P.A is a Certified Public Accounting firm that offers audits, accounting, and tax services to condominiums and homeowners associations. Our firm is known to deliver high quality professional services on a timely basis and at a fair fee. Our partners bring many years of experience and knowledge in providing professional services to condominiums and HOA’s . Most of our clients … Read More
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