Our firm has a very extensive amount of experience serving the needs of condominiums, homeowners associations and coops. Associations in FL and CA are highly regulated and are required to follow strict procedures for preparation of financial statements by CPAs and are subject to fines and penalties for failure to provide proper noticing and reports to unit/property owners on a timely basis. If your association received a letter from the state regarding an inquiry or investigation, please contact us immediately so we can assist you with responding accordingly, our Condo and HOA CPAs have extensive experience in this area.

Since associations require special type of fund accounting, many CPAs are not experienced with the complexities of accounting properly for operating and reserve funds, nor are they versed with the procedures needed to make proper adjustments at year for compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States.

Please immediately contact us for any accounting, audit, review or tax need and one of our partners will be more than happy to review your situation and give you specific feedback and a written proposal to handle the issue. We handle associations as small as 10 units to large multi-condo buildings and associations with many hundreds of properties. Our pricing is competitive and we derive great pride in providing outstanding value for the expertise we deliver.

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